Who we are?

TOK is a bunch of enthusiast who believes in changing the world through words. We really believe in delivering truth in this post truth world. We don’t believe in non partisanship thus we are keen in the free flow of news. We also believe that voice of the voiceless is an outdated theory either the voice is unheard or deliberately silenced .So it is the time to pass the mic to those who are ready to speak up. What we aim? Swallow if it is sweet, spit out if bitter and yeah, have a glass of water if it is peppery! Taste of Kerala,TOK is exclusively focused to serve the news undiluted. It is said that news is what some wants to suppress, everything else is advertising.

Well, TOK intend to diffuse news authentically without adding spices, at the earliest. TOK questions all wrongdoings in the society whereas applaud for good deeds. We definitely behold strong political stand but our politics neither any pro political organization nor follows any political ideology rather we stand for liberal political spectrum.